IVC Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainers

Office/Fax: (760) 335-6329

Sabrina Herbert, ATC


  • Main Sport Contacts: M Basketball, W Soccer, Softball, W Tennis, W Volleyball

Juan Palma Jr., ATC, ITAT


  • Main Sport Contacts: Baseball, W Basketball, M/W Cross Country, M Soccer, M Tennis



Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm*

Athletic Training Room- 713

Athletic Training Office- 715

*Days and times may vary depending on the practice and game schedules.


Our Purpose

As certified professionals, athletic trainers help athletes stay healthy and physically prepared for their sport, as well as provide acute and preventative care for athletic injuries. We are present for practices and games and are here to help our athletes succeed!


Mission Statement

The mission of the Imperial Valley College Sports Medicine Team is to ensure the health and wellness of all student-athletes. Our goal is to provide our student-athletes with professional, quality care in the preventative, treatment and rehabilitation of sport-related injuries and illnesses. We strive to educate student-athletes, coaching staff, and the community on the profession and importance of athletic trainers. The Sports Medicine Team strives to complement and support the vision of the College and the Exercise Science, Wellness, and Sports Department.


New and Returning Athletes Preparticipation Requirements

  1. Create your SportsWare OnLine (SWOL) Account at www.swol123.net (Must be done on computer)

    a. Click “Join SportsWare” under the Athlete/Parent

    b. Input School ID: IVC 92251

    c. Input your name, email, and select Imperial Valley College

Completion of these steps will send a request to the athletic trainers to create your account. You will receive an email once your request has been accepted. Here you will finish inputting your account information

2. Complete the Preparticipation Packet in SWOL

a. Consent to Treatment Form, Assumption of Risk, COVID Risk, Release of Liability, and Physical Form**

b. Physicals will be held in the IVC Gym (view notice below for specific dates). If you get a physical done outside of the Physicals at IVC, your physical document must be signed by a MD or DO.

3. Download the SWAY Medical App

a. You will be given a code to create your account on the day of your team meeting with the ATCs and will complete the baseline testing. If you miss this date, you will have to reach out to the athletic trainers to schedule a time to set up your account and complete the baseline testing.


Athletic Training Policy & Procedures Manual (student-athlete version)

Click here to view the athletic training policy & procedures manual (student-athlete version)

Preparticipation Packet Documents

Click here to view the preparticipation packet documents


When is the athletic training room open?

The athletic training room is open Monday-Friday from 9am to 7pm. Days and times may vary depending on practice and game schedules, and holidays. Thus, we may open and close earlier or later than the listed time.

What should I do if I get hurt?

If you sustain an injury at practice or during a game, report to an athletic trainer as soon as possible. We are trained in injury evaluation and care and can help you get back to your sport as soon as possible. We recommend that you see your athletic trainer before heading directly to a doctor for sprains or strains as most of these injuries do not require a doctor’s diagnosis. If necessary, we will let you know when it is appropriate to set up an appointment for further evaluation.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No! We are walk-in based so no appointment is needed to see an athletic trainer. We do recommend that if you are seeking treatment, to come in no less than an hour before your practice time or class. If you are coming in to have an injury evaluated, you should allot at least an additional 15 minutes for an evaluation on top of treatment.

What documents do I need to complete to be able to participate in my sport?

Please refer to the above section titled “New and Returning Athletes Preparticipation Requirements”. If you need help with any steps, feel free to contact the athletic trainer for your sport.

What is SWOL?

SportsWare OnLine, aka SWOL, is our online record keeping service. This is where all your personal information, insurance/medical documents, preparticipation forms, injury reports, rehabilitation programs, etc., are found. It is important to set up your SWOL account and keep it up to date so that we have all the accurate information we may need.

What is SWAY? Do I need to keep the app?

SWAY Medical is our Concussion Testing application. You will complete a concussion baseline test before the start of your season, with an athletic trainer using the SWAY app. We also use the SWAY app to test for concussions should you ever sustain a head injury during practice or a game. Please keep SWAY downloaded throughout your time at IVC as we never know when we might need you to use it!

I can’t make a SWAY account, what do I do?

The athletic trainers will provide each team with a unique code that will group you with the rest of your teammates and allow you to create your account and start the baseline test. If you have used SWAY at a previous institution, no problem! Our codes are unique to our institution so your information will stay with us. If you are having any trouble with your account, notify your athletic trainer for assistance.