Spring Sports Season Concludes - What's Next in Athletics?

Spring Sports Season Concludes - What's Next in Athletics?

The Athletic Department would like to congradulate all our athletes for a great year of sports for the 2016-2017 year. Our Softball Team had several players who received high honors.  In addition, our Tennis Teams had a great season and made it to the Ojai State Championships Tournament.  The Men's Tennis Team had a doubles team participate and the Women's Tennis Team had one single and a doubles team play.  Job well done! 

As summer approaches, all coaches are gearing up for a new fall season.  

We will be having five teams begin in August: Women's Volleyball, Women's and Men's Cross Country and Men's and Women's Soccer.  

In September, the Men's Baseball and Women's Softball Teams will begin their Non-Traditional season.

Happening in October, look out for our Men's and Women's Basketball Teams to start. 

Eligibility meetings will begin late July.

If you are a returning athlete, please make sure to register for your fall courses on July 10th.

If you are interested in joining one of the sports teams, please be sure to fill out a recruit form and contact the coach directly.  New students, please feel free to contact our office for any assistance.  You may also visit our college's main website to apply and register.  Please note that all new athletes must complete the First Steps process (see this link https://www.imperial.edu/apply-now/ for more information).