Student Athlete Spotlight - Megan Lerno (Women's Volleyball)

Student Athlete Spotlight - Megan Lerno (Women's Volleyball)

IVC welcomes back Megan Lerno, a two sport athlete.  Megan is a native of Imperial Valley who has played two sports throughout her high school and college years.  Megan played four years at the varsity level for softball and a total of four years of volleyball at Southwest High School in El Centro.  She was awarded MVP for three years in a row for softball and was selected to be the MVP and Best Offensive Player for volleyball.

Upon her graduation from Southwest High School she received a full scholarship to Arizona Western College to play softball and pursue her degree in Liberal Studies.  After attending Arizona Western, she enrolled at Imperial Valley College to continue her education and athletic career.  As Megan played softball and volleyball here, she received honors with the conference and made 1st Team for both sports.   Megan will be graduating from IVC this spring with an associates degree in Liberal Studies.  

We asked Megan how does she enjoy playing two sports at IVC and she stated, "It is a lot of fun but hard work. At IVC, you have to look out for holes which was very different from high school.  I find that I have to be quicker and smarter."

Megan also states that she likes to win and has a very competitive spirit in which this drives her to excel at her skills.  

Megan also states that her role model is her younger sister, Macy, who plays volleyball at the Univeristy of Cumberland in Tennessee.  Even tho Megan is the older sibling, she states she has learned so much from her sister's never give up attitude, being very dicated, goes above and beyond as an athlete.  Coach Jill Tucker tesitifies that Megan has the same playing abilities and stated, "Megan is a great athlete who brings leadership and maturity to her freshman teamates."  

We look forward to watching Megan play her second year as a volleyball athlete this year.